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The digital professions every day take more space in the work fields as our world becomes more and more digital day after day, and for this reason we must adapt and know all these new professions that are useful in many ways because they benefit directly or indirectly to the economy through companies and businesses.

One of those booming digital professions is web design, which is responsible for developing digital interfaces such as website or application design, which is achieved through various programming languages, which designers will use to make it visually pleasing. and functional said websites or applications.

According to the Rock Content website, the key elements of web design are as follows:

Responsiveness: As more and more people access the internet only by cell phone, it is very important that your site is suitable for mobile devices, that is, that it is responsive.

Scannability: You know those emails that have a “text block” because the whole message is written in a single paragraph? Reading them is too exhausting, isn’t it? Well, the same goes for your site visitors if they don’t consider textual scannability.

Typography: If from this point we started writing this post with a completely different typeface, your reading experience wouldn’t be very pleasant, would it? After all, it is a typeface that would not fit in with the rest of the content. The same should apply to your site.

Loading speed: In a world where everyone seems to be always in a rush, having a fast loading website is essential. According to Google, sites that take more than 2 seconds to load damage both the user experience and the indexing of the site.

Investing in web design for our company or business will favor it when it comes to generating impressions in digital media, there will be greater organic optimization of the website among search engines, you will create a competitive advantage based on the benefits of having a website and how this can set you apart from the competition, you will earn higher income by monetizing your website by attracting new visitors or by downloading the application, among others.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

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