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B2b marketing is the abbreviation that is used for business to business marketing and, unlike consumer-oriented marketing (b2c marketing), this type of marketing is oriented to the sale of products and services between companies, and has a series of important characteristics that must be taken into account when defining objectives and planning some type of project or campaign.

One of those elements to take into consideration is to bear in mind that companies are not and do not have the same needs as consumers, since they focus on factors such as profitability and productivity, since normally when a company acquires a product or service it is with the In order to be able to use it to create another product by using it as a raw material or to be able to work better and obtain a higher yield.

Communication is the second most important element because, when trying to get our message across, it is more complicated because the target is much smaller and it is much more segmented than a target of normal consumers, and the difficulty lies in the medium to be used for get the message directly to them since you cannot use mass media and that is why you must resort to other tactics such as email marketing, private activations, among others.

The message must now be oriented to issues of business culture and values ​​that highlight their ideals, you can also touch on issues in defense of the environment or social responsibility since when looking for collaborators these types of elements are taken into account.

Reinforcing the identity of your company through values ​​and corporate image make other companies feel identified with yours and want to do business because they consider that they are aligned companies and that the deals they carry out are going to be successful.

Have an online presence, today we live in a society in which if you do not have a presence in the digital world you do not exist, and for a company it is important to have an online presence in order to be able to reach the indicated target, communicate its products or services, among others, in order to position itself in the market in every way.

Having a database is another important element because, in this way, users can be captured who will become consumers and, together with this method, email marketing can be implemented in order to reach the desired target to communicate our message and thus being able to achieve the objectives and close a business.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

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