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Creating an advertising campaign seems simple at first glance but in reality it is not because, depending on the objective you want to achieve, you will have to take into account different factors that you must attach to your campaign, but do not worry, in this article we will give you notions basic information about what you need to create your advertising campaign in the right way.

Let’s start by defining your objectives, the correct thing is that you have one in the long term and several in the short and medium term, because your strategy must grow and achieve these objectives little by little in order to position yourself solidly in the market. For example: a long-term objective could be “Position yourself in the consumer’s mind as the best product to satisfy their needs” and the short and medium-term objectives to achieve that main objective could be “Achieve 10 thousand followers on Instagram”, ” Increase sales by 25% ”, among others.

Now, once you have your goals defined, we will go on to create strategies to achieve each of them, that is, establish what you are going to do or what actions you must take to achieve them, for example, if your goal is “Achieve 10 thousand followers on Instagram ”then you must create a strategy based on organic growth of followers through valuable content, defining some pillars of content, graphic line, publication roaming, among others, and also do not forget to include publications with paid promotions so that attract followers who will really be customers of your brand or business.

This strategy will depend not only on the objective but on the medium in which you want to work, since you could create an audiovisual piece for TV or make a billboard, activation, POP material, among others, everything that is necessary to capture the attention of your clients. potential, helps you position yourself and gain market presence and that goes hand in hand with your budget in the smartest way possible.

In your strategy you must take into account your audience, where it is located, what their tastes are, what they like to do, how old they are, what is the predominant gender, among others, the more you know them, the better you can attend to their needs and capture them. Many times, depending on them and their behavior, you will be able to define what type of medium to use and what piece can work better, for example, if your target is between 40-50 years old, it is most likely that they are not a very frequent user of social networks, therefore a strategy 100% doomed to networks is not going to work for you, it is best that you also use other means to capture their attention such as the traditional ones on billboards, tv commercials and flyers.

Remember not only to promote and advertise your product but also to do a branding campaign, that is, to make the brand known for its attributes and values ​​in order to achieve a position in the mind of the consumer. All the messages you want to convey regardless of the format must be created in a specific way that is effective for your consumer.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

Creation of quality content with organic positioning strategies and SEM.

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