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Social networks have a series of rules called “algorithms” which allow regulating the content published on these networks as well as filtering content that is not suitable for them in order to protect the community. These algorithms vary according to each social network but in essence they all work today in the same way since their objective is to be able to position the content within them through its value.

Now, how do we create valuable content?

One of the essential things that we must keep in mind is that we must know a little about how the social network in which we want to publish our content works, if we know the rules of the game we can play better. The second thing is that we must know what exactly valuable content is and for them we have written this article so keep reading.

When we say that a content is of value it is because it provides valuable information to the person who reads it, this means that said information has to be educational, that it provides learning to the community, and that is precisely what the algorithm of the social networks that is responsible for it searches all the content we publish.

You already know an important part, the content must provide educational information to the audience, but said content must meet certain parameters which are the following:

Brevity: The content you publish should be brief in general because, we know that audiences have a limited power of attention, remember that this may vary depending on the social network, so if it is necessary for your content to spread, invite the audience to Keep reading it on another platform such as a blog or website, so you can also redirect traffic to your other sites and if you do, we recommend that the invitation be striking and encourage action.

SEO content: In order to position your content, it is not enough for it to be informative but it must also have a friendly way of speaking, be direct, concise and have keywords referring to the subject itself, these words must also be used on your website and hashtags .

Quality image: As you already know, written content is an important part of positioning your publication but that must be accompanied by a quality image if the social network allows it, said image must have good resolution, have little or no text and In the case of a product photo, it should only occupy 40% of the image.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

Creation of quality content with organic positioning strategies and SEM.

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