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Surely you have heard the word “Brief” at some point, but you really don’t know what they are talking about and even less what it is used for, but don’t worry, we are going to take care in this article that you clearly learn what a Brief is and to build a creative Brief for your brand.

Let’s get started.

A Brief is the most important document when it comes to wanting to develop a marketing strategy or advertising piece because, in this material you will find the necessary information to be able to do a good job that is successful, it reflects the needs and desires of the company. brand, as well as your objectives, description of the company, what audience you want to address, time, budget, conditions or limitations, among others, the more concise information, the better.

Why is building it the right way so important?

As we have already mentioned, it is an important and essential document, which will make the work of the people who are going to execute it faster and easier, thus guaranteeing its success because otherwise, it will be poorly executed and the goals will not be achieved objectives.

Now, a creative brief includes other elements that normally a brief does not take into consideration, we will explain some to you so that you take them into account and include them when making the brief of your brand or company to execute a project with a supplier.

Description of the brand: It is something that all briefs have but in a creative one you must develop a brand analysis and incorporate customer data, competition and a SWOT analysis.

Objectives: Likewise, a normal brief must specify the objectives but in a creative one you must answer some questions in order to be much more sure and clear about what you want to achieve, for example: what do you want to promote, sell, capture or inform?, specify specific and general objectives.

Target: At this point you must evaluate the target you want to attract, what their tastes are, how they behave, what age and gender they are, where they are located, what profession they have, what is their educational level, what is their economic level, evaluate psychographic and cultural variables, among others. Establish a main one and a peripheral one in order to carry out effective communication.

Strategy: At this point, the actions to be carried out to achieve the objectives must be specified.

Timing: This is one of the most important items since it defines the people or departments that will be in charge of carrying out each part of the process and a delivery date will be established for each item.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

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