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Chatbots have become an important part of digital marketing strategies because, in recent times, this technology based on artificial intelligence has advanced in such a way that they are now part of 80% of the strategies used by businesses worldwide, since these are available 24 hours a day to serve our clients for us.

It has been found that consumers prefer the attention of Chatbots since they are trained today to address their needs and questions efficiently, quickly and safely, thus making purchases, shipments and more.

Today most social networks include the option of placing instant messaging on company and store profiles, in order to provide better service to consumers and thus increase sales.

According to the Single Grain website, the benefits of using Chatbots in business are as follows:

  • Chatbots have potential. Although they are being used more and more, the modern chatbot is still a young technology. With the continued development of AI, the potential of bots in personal and business life is limitless.
  • They can be easy to build. It depends on what you want to achieve, of course, but you can design a simple Facebook Messenger-based chatbot without any programming experience.
  • Chatbots emphasize the image and brand of the company. The chatbot represents the company when it communicates with the customer, so from a marketing point of view, it is a perfect embodiment of brand development.
  • They offer simple services. A well-optimized chatbot communicates only the essentials and does not overwhelm the user.
  • Chatbots automate processes. Bots can take on human work for generally mundane or basic analytical tasks.

The best thing is to incorporate them as virtual assistants and configure them so that they respond as if they were a real person, so the process will be much more efficient and sales and interaction with the audience in general will increase.

For this reason, it is advisable to incorporate it into digital strategies when establishing the guidelines of a company in social networks, the ideal is to use a combination of several elements from the world of marketing to cover a good percentage of the audience and attract customers. potentials.

Ariadna López

Ariadna López

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