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Counter Marketing, is a widely used strategy in the marketing world but you probably haven’t taken the time to notice it because it normally includes advertising techniques focused on reducing the demand or consumption of a product or service, for example, the consumption of cigarettes, it is mandatory that cigarette brands include on their packaging a warning related to the negative consequences caused by smoking.

What is Counter Marketing? 02

Now why is this happening?

Simple, it is mandatory for brands to announce to their consumers the negative consequences of the consumption of their products because, this way they would not fall into the famous “misleading offer” and they will get rid of thousands of lawsuits since by warning the consumer the power of consumption falls entirely on their hands.

Counter marketing is not only used in the world of products or services, we can also see its use in presidential campaigns and in all those situations in which the negative consequences that this situation can cause are announced to society through advertising media in society or the market in general.

Its main objective is to alter the social norms of what is normally accepted as correct, it seeks to generate different perspectives, open the eyes of the consumer and generate debate, which is quite important for our current consumer society since it is no longer the same as before, you are now more aware of the products or services you purchase, as well as the decisions you make when giving your opinion or vote on something.

In some cases, counter-marketing seeks to introduce a substitute product or service that generates less or no harm to society, as in the case of campaigns against carbonated beverages, they attack their high sugar and chemical content by presenting the harmful that are for the human body and as their excessive or prolonged consumption can cause diseases and, at the same time, they present healthy alternatives such as the consumption of mineral water or natural juices without sugar.

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